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The Register of Health and Merit (RoHM) is the central clearing house of the AKC Parson Russell Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier (JRTCA), as well as the AKC and UKC registered Russell and Jack Russell Terriers and private /open registered dogs for verified genetic tests and meritorious awards earned for the individuals of the breed that participate in the Register.

We extremely pleased that the American Jack Russell Terrier Club, has joined the RoHM family. Recently recognized by the American Kennel Club, as the Russell Terrier, this new breed can now enjoy a solid future for all its enthusiasts within the ranks of the AKC and other world wide venues. Construction of the pages devoted to the Russell Terrier breed will naturally take some time to complete. RoHM is working hard to complete this project as soon as possible.

The Register is dedicated to the genetic well being of the breeds without regard to registry affiliation or lack thereof. It was conceived by breeders and is supported by breeders and individuals who take the motto "Preserve and Protect" to heart by listing breeding stock in a central location where it can be accessed and evaluated for the purposeful selection of the highest quality genetic and performance tested breeding stock.

The dedication and commitment to the genetic well being of the white bodied terrier is embodied with the additional listing service of Affected Terriers. RoHM is constructing a separate page list for Affected Terriers.
The listing will include the specific diagnosis of the terriers condition to better serve the JRT/PRT community as well as a valuable source for accurate pedigree information required for Research. Open Registry data basing is the wave of the future for the Preservation the future of our Breeds.

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Understanding the names and breed differences between the Parson Russell, Jack Russell and the Russell Terriers.



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