The Body & TailThe Body & Tail

The Russell Terrier is longer than tall, measuring from point of shoulder to point of buttock, the silhouette defining a rectangle. The depth of body from withers to the brisket equals the length of foreleg from elbows to the ground, presenting a 50/50 ratio. The point of sternum is well in front of the point of shoulder. The chest is spannable, approximately 14"-15" or smaller, and ribs are flexible from top to bottom. The ribs are well sprung, maintaining an oval shape. The back is level, with strong and deeply muscled loins.  There is a slight rise over the loin which is felt rather than seen.

The tail may drop at rest, but when moving it is erect. The tail may be natural or docked, if docked, length should appear as level with the top of the ear.


The RectangularRussell Terrier

The more square Parson Russell Terrier