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ibcbet said as the Summer Transfer Window is closing, the premier league outcasts experience the same. They are now in contract with Serie A clubs. Alexis Sanchez now will play for Inter Milan, while Mkhitaryan will play for AS Roma. Coincidentally, they both have unique similar experience. Another Premier League player that moving into Italy.

Falling Phenomenal transfer reported by ibcbet

Before joining AS Roma, they both involved in a phenomenal transfer in winter transfer window 2018. Arsenal was willing to sell Alexis Sanchez, while Manchester United also disappointed with Mkhtaryan’s performance. They both decided to exchange players, said ibcbet. Manchester United felt lucky, because Alexis Sanchez was also proposed by the city rival, Manchester City. But even after the exchange, both club was also disappointed by their performance. Sanchez only scored 5 goals, although he was paid five hundred pounds in one week.

Pep Guardiola commented that the Sanchez failure was not caused by Sanchez himself. There are many reasons that caused that, including the teams. He evaluates that Sanchez is a player with quality. And football is not a one-player game like tennis or gold, but there are other ten players. Pep Guardiola believes that he will play well in the hands of Antonio Conte. He is so sure because Guardiola had trained Sanchez when they both in Barcelona. Guardiola added that Sanchez is extraordinary and humble fighter, said ibcbet.

Sanchez and Mkhitaryan is different

Despite the shocking coincidence of the similar fate, Ian Wright argued that they both are different players. He knows that both players have degenerating careers. But Ian believes that Sanchez is still fighting, and Mkhtaryan is not really. Sanchez still keeps trying and fighting although he failed. On the contrary, Mkhtaryan is one of the worst. He seems to demand support every time he plays. That is not an attitude of the great club player.

Ian added that Sanchez goes to Inter Milan to prove himself, while Mkhitaryan goes to AS Roma to hideaway. He sees Mkhitaryan is left far behind, and he struggles to play. Despite his good performance in Dortmund, Mkhitaryan is declining rapidly in the Premier League. He is left far behind. Ian expresses his apologies for the statement. He has never been so disappointed in a player like that, said ibcbet.

Chris Smalling into Roma said ibcbet

Besides Mktaryan, Chris Smalling is also moving into Roma. The same reason, Chris Smalling was dumped out from the Premier League because of his bad performance. He does blunder in oftentimes. He even did an own goal in a match against Wolverhampton. His position in the first-team is also knocked out after the old Trafford brought in Harry Maguire.

Manchester United was leading 1-0. But the condition changed after Wolverhampton could chase and equalize 1-1. Chris Smalling worsens the condition by making an own goal. After that, Chris Smalling receives incredible pressure from Manchester United Fans, said ibcbet.

But now, Smalling has a new future in Roma. Wearing a number 6 on the back of his uniform, Smalling expresses his joy that he could join AS Roma. He stated that it is his opportunity to try out new league, with a great team that has big appreciation. He could not wait to play in the field.