Subjected to Racist Monkey Chants? Lukaku Doesn’t Care! said agensbobet888

Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli or simply known Romelu Lukaku was born on 13 May 1993, claimed agensbobet888. Romelu Lukaku is a professional football player from Belgia who plays for the Belgian national team. As of 8 August 2019, Lukaku joined one of the biggest Italian football clubs, Inter Milan. He signed a five-year contract for a fee that is reported to be Inter Milan’s most expensive purchase approximately 80 million Euros. On 26 August, Romelu Lukaku made his debut and he has been playing for Inter Milan as a striker ever since, said agensbobet888. Romelu Lukaku received rude and bad treatment from the supporters of Cagliari before executing a penalty shot on the second-week match of Serie A. How can this ugly incident that plagued the face of football in Italy happen?

The Racist Monkey Chants said agensbobet888

On Sunday, 1 September 2019, Inter Milan was playing on Sardegna Arena, a temporary football stadium in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, against Cagliari Calcio, an Italian football club that is hosted on the stadium. Inter Milan came out as the winner of the match scoring two goal points while Cagliari only scored one goal point. The first goal was scored by Lautaro Martinez on the 27th minute. Meanwhile, the second goal that was also the decisive penalty goal was scored by Romeo Lukaku. On the 83rd minute, Lukaku once again almost score another goal but the ex-striker of Manchester United’s shot was a little bit inaccurate. Therefore, the match ended with a 2-1 score. The result of the match brought Inter Milan to the top of Serie A table leaving Juventus in second place, said agensbobet888.

However, the sweet victory that brought Inter Milan to the top of the table might not as sweet as it seems. An ugly and embarrassing incident happened during that decisive match. On the 70th minute of the match between Inter Milan and Cagliari, Inter Milan got the opportunity to do a penalty shot after Fabio Pisacane downed Stefano Sensi, the midfielder of Inter Milan, inside the box. Romelu Lukaku was the one who stepped up to take the penalty. Suddenly, the air was filled with the roar of racist monkey chants shouted by the supporters of Cagliari. However, Romelu Lukaku did not seem to care and tried to focus on the penalty that he was about to take. Lukaku shot the ball and scored a goal which was the winning goal for Inter Milan. After the winning goal was scored Lukaku did not seem to celebrate whatsoever instead he glared at the supporters of Cagliari with anger. However, the racist monkey chants continuously shouted by the fans of Cagliari.

Football Fans in Italy are Racist? said agensbobet888

Football fans in Italy are known for their racist attitude. Romelu Lukaku does not seem to be the first that received this kind of racist treatment. Moise Kean, an ex-player of Juventus, and Blaise Matuidi, currently playing for Juventus, has been subjected to same racist monkey chants shouted by the fans of Cagliari when they were playing against Cagliari on last April, said agensbobet888.

The racist monkey chants that were directed to Romelu Lukaku by the fans of Cagliari made the center-back of Inter Milan angry. During the incident, he tried to ask the fans of Cagliari to calm down and be quiet. Milan Skriniar said, “I hear a lot of things that are not supposed to be said in football so I said to the fans of Cagliari to shout their mouth, but we do not want to think about it.” Meanwhile, Antonio Conte, the head coach of Inter Milan and a former player, demands an improvement and more respect to be given by football fans in Italy after Romelu Lukaku being subjected to racist monkey chants when Inter Milan played against Cagliari and emerged as the winner of the match which brought them to the top of Serie A table although he also said that he did not hear the chants. agensbobet888 said, “We need to improve many things in Italy and respect people that do their job generally.” He also said, “When I worked abroad, the supporters will shout chants for their team and do not waste their time to mock or disrespect the opposite team.”

Inter Milan has won two matches after Conte came in as a head coach. However, a match against Cagliari was not an easy match. After won the match against Lecce, Inter Milan was lucky to won by a penalty shot. Antonio Conte said, “It was a different match compared to the match we played against Lecce because I warned everybody that the match was going to be difficult. Coming to Cagliari was never a walk in the Park.” agensbobet888 also said, “I am very demanding and there are a lot of things that we need to improve but I remind you that we have won a difficult match.” Nevertheless, racist behavior in Italian football seems like won’t wane anytime soon considering what was happened to Romelu Lukaku and many more players.