Miles & Kilo for You Who Love 2D Platform Game

If you love 2D platform game, like Super Mario Bros, you will also love Miles & Kilo game. When you play this game, maybe you see similarity with Kid Tripp game. In fact, this game is the new version of that game that was made for mobile devices. However, unlike Kid Tripp, Miles & Kilo has lot of different. The graphic is much better, there are many new movement and many more. Basically, it will be much fun when you play this game.

SaavAUMiles & Kilo game itself tell the story about Miles, a kid and Kilo, his dog. They are survived plane crash passenger that fell in the remote island. Your job here is controlling Miles and Kilo to explore the island to find all parts of the plane. In the end, when you are successfully collecting all the parts, you can repair the plan and use it to escape from that island. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to collect all parts. There are bad people that will hold you back from collecting the pieces. So, your job here isn’t only collecting the parts, but also beat these bad people.

The game play itself is quite easy. You need to jump or slide to avoid the obstacle. More than that, you also has weapon that you use to beat the enemy in the game. The weapon is fruits. However, you only have limited fruits that you can throw. But, you don’t need to worry, if you are running out of fruits. Along with your trip, you will be able to find fruits to restock your ammo. More than that, your dog, Kilo also can help you to beat the stages. It can beat the enemy and many more.

This game is divided into many different theme and world. Total, there are 5 different theme and 36 stages that you need to beat. Each of team and stages has different kind of difficulty and things that you need to do. The good thing about this game is you don’t need to worry about the lives. Unlike other platform game, where there is limit on how many lives that you have and when you run it out, it will be game over, Miles & Kilo doesn’t has that kind of rule. You can try as many as you like. Whenever you died, you will restart from the entry of that level. So, play it like what you want. More info just find out to here.